The MoVI is a revolutionary hand held stabilised system, its been called a game changer by some.

It is a 3 Axis Gyro stabilizer enabling you to get silky smooth shots, it can be hand held, mounted to vehicles, octocopters, used on horse back or as a hot head on a crane with a quick release bracket. It has become the leading and best Gimbal in the Market and used by feature films, commercials, dramas etc.

Designed out of carbon fiber and with full wireless tuning,  make it the stabilizer of the professional.


I have 3 systems the MoVI Pro (latest stabilizer), MoVI M10 capable of taking upto 12lbs and the MoVI M15 capable of carrying upto 16lbs.  

They can carry cameras from DSLR like the 5D Mk 3, Canon C300, Canon C500, Red Weapon, Red Dragon and the Sony F55 and Sony FS7.

The kits are combined with the best accessories out there, from 2 full 3 channel wireless follow focus systems RT Motion, I have 2 sets of Teradek Bolt pro 2000 HD transmission systems capable of 2.1km range, HD Monitors, the Freefly MoVI controller and combine this with stunning set of Zeiss Primes  (15mm, 21mm, 25mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm). I also have Zeiss 100mm macro, 135mm and 180mm lenses with the kit, for all projects filming in 6K or less.

The kit can be use as a single operator or I can supply a team for 2 or 3 man operation depending on the project. Ive used it all over the world in the last year and a half, from the jungles in Madagascar to the frozen reaches of Hokkaido in -20deg and it has never failed.

It really is the best and most precise tool for the job and I have extensive knowledge and background in using stabilizing devices whether it be a Gimbal or a Steadicam.

MoVI filming at G-Cans Tokyo

MoVI filming at G-Cans Tokyo

MoVI M10 used as a hot head

MoVI M10 used as a hot head