I am an Award winning DOP / Documentary cameraman, working predominantly in natural history, adventure and science documentary programs. 

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This work has taken me to over 30 countries around the world – frequently working in extreme natural environments from jungles to deserts. Over the last 16 years I have worked on many land mark series for the BBC, Discovery, Animal Planet etc... 

I am skilled in lighting and sync filming techniques as well as blue chip film making and i'm able to use a range of specialist equipment such as: 

  • Cineflex operator
  • Drone Owner operator
  • Red Dragons
  • 4K
  • Red Epics
  • Sony’s
  • 35mm
  • High speed Phamtom cameras
  • Motion control
  • Timelapse
  • Moco Timelapse
  • Probe lenses
  • Macro
  • Infra red and infra red lighting
  • Helicopter and fixed wing work
  • Wild/Dangerous animals, extreme environments


Planet Earth 2, Cities program.

Won a Bafta Award for Cinematography 2017, Mark MacEwen, Rob Whitworth and John Aitchison.

Won Award of Excellence for Cinematography from the Guild of Television Cameramen. 2017

Japan BBC. 'Earths Enchanted Islands'                                                                                      Won the Award of Excellence for Cinematography from the 'Guild of Television Cameramen, 2016. 

'Armoured Giants –Life in cold Blood’ (main cameraman)
Won Golden Panda 2008 at Wildscreen Film Festival
Bafta 2009 winner for Best Series.

‘Elephant the Emperor and the Butterfly Tree’  
Won Golden Panda (best of Festival) at Wildscreen film Festival
Won best of festival at Spanish film festival Telenatura, among others, for Natural World, ‘The Elly and the Emperor’.

'Urban program of Human Planet' BBC, (principal cameraman),
Urban Program was Winner of Cinematography at the International Wildlife Film Festival, in Missoula.
Series won Emmy for Cinematography 2012.

Africa 'Congo Program’, BBC 2014
Part of a camera team Bafta Nominated for cinematography on BBC series 2014.